Risk Management (Tottenham - Beeton District Minor Softball Assoc.)

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Risk Management

This section of the website features several great resources to help avoid and manage risk.  Please take a look at each of the links included.

FAQs on Injury

If I get seriously hurt during a TBDMSA sanctioned event like a Game or Practice, and need to deal with insurance, who do I contact?

The TBDMSA insurance program is through the Ontario Rural Softball Association (ORSA) insurance.  In the event of a serious injury where a registered participant requires insurance coverage, please contact your family insurance provider first.  If additional coverage is needed or you do not have a family insurance plan, please contact ORSA.

Who is a registered Participant that is covered by ORSA insurance?

Any registered participant with the TBDMSA is covered under ORSA insurance.  This includes players, coaches, team managers or personnel linked to an official roster.