FAQs (Tottenham - Beeton District Minor Softball Assoc.)



Parents and Guardians are influential decision makers regarding their children’s activities, and need to be informed of the issues pertaining to their involvement with the game. Whether you are a grandparent taking your grandchildren to a game on behalf of their parents or a new parent to the game of softball or someone who is new to this community, It is important to our organization that that we do our best job possible to keep everyone informed of how the Association works and help parents with answers to common questions in order to make their experience a positive one. 

What is the role of the TBDMSA?

From registration, scheduling umpires, soliciting sponsorship, providing opportunities for player development to ball diamond bookings with the municipality, the TBDMSA is a volunteer-based organization that enable players, parents, coaches and fans to enjoy softball in our community.  Read our Mission and Vision statement by clicking here.

"We are not developing softball players for today; we want to develop softball players for life."

How are Registration Fees Based and Used?

Player registration fees are used to offset costs of ball diamond permit fees, equipment, umpires, development programs, awards, team photographs and uniforms. Older age-groups will see higher fees than younger ages primarly due to the use of lights and senior umpires.  We are fortunate to have wonderful support from our sponsors who offset our expenses with generous contributions to our Association.  Without their support, we would be forced to increase our rates.  Please support them and say thanks. The TBDMSA is a not-for-profit organization so all funds are allocated back to the organization.

How much are Registration Fees?

Division Name












U19 & U21


Are there Financial Subsidy Programs or Multi-Child Discounts?

If you are registering three or more siblings, please contact our registrar for more information about discount.

There are several great resources to ensure that every child has the opportunity to play without parents having to worry about financial burdens.

Financial support can be applied for through:

Help The Kids Play


Canadian Tire Jump Start


Youth Reach


When Does the Season Start and Finish?

The Town of New Tecumseth will release the use of ball diamonds based on the weather conditions and physical conditions of the diamonds typically around the second to third week in May.  Our schedule will typically start around this time.

Game Nights are set to:
U3 - Mondays 
U5 - Tuesdays
U7 - Wednesdays
U10 - Mondays
U14 - Thursdays
U19/U21 - Thursdays 

Games start promptly at 6:30 pm and last a maximum of 1 hour and 25 minutes.  We ask players to be at the diamond a minimum 15 minutes prior to game time so that they can be warmed up and ready to play at game time.  U14 & U19/U21 divisions also play under the lights at 8:00 or 8:30 pm. During the course of the season, the TBDMSA will host an "Opening Tournament" on June 3-4 where all teams from U5 "T-Ball" to U21 divisions will play two regular season games.  There is no championship or awards handed out that weekend.  The weekend is used as a great bonding experience for the players and families. U3 “Blastball” participants have two six-week sessions throughout the year.  The first session will start around the end of May and the second session commences after the first one concludes.  Players will typically receive participant medallions after each session to congratulate them on a job well done. The regular season wraps up at the end of August then finishes with a year-end playoff tournament-style for U7 to U21 divisions during the last weekend in August.  Playoff positions and schedules are based on regular season standings. T-Ball "U5" teams will play one fun game on the Sunday as a way to cap off a great season.

How Do I Know What Division My Child Will Play In?

As of the January 1, 2023, the TBDMSA moved towards Softball Canada’s age categorization.  The “U number” refers to the age that a player turned as of December 31st of the previous season.

Age Division Name

Birth Years



"T-Ball" U5

2019, 2020


2017, 2018


2014, 2015, 2016


2010, 2011, 2012, 2013


2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009


2003, 2004

Can I make a Registration Request to have my child play with their friend?

There will no longer be a Player Registration Request form.  Any special requests will be directed to the Registration Coordinator for Board Consideration.

How many Practices vs. Games are there and what is the level of competition?

The TBDMSA is essentially a “House League” meaning we do not have travel teams so all games are played locally in Tottenham and Beeton.  Diamond locations are found under the ABOUT US section on our website.

The level of competition varies but for the most part, games are played for fun.  Due to the size of our community, it is very likely that your child will know other players from school or other sports so comradery is very common.

Teams will play once a week on a designated time slot while all teams have practice times available to them.  Teams in the U7, U10, U14 U19 and U21 divisions will have practices that may occur once a week or every other week depending on your Coach’s decision.

U5 teams will have a practice followed by a two-inning game where every player will have the opportunity to bat during the regular schedule.

There are no championships awarded in U5 and U3 as these divisions are meant for player development and fun.  There are no scores kept for U7 division.  This low level of commitment provides parents the opportunity to allow their families to enjoy other activities throughout the summer.

What Equipment Does My Child Need?

- Softball Glove
- Long Athletic Pants
- Softball soft-spiked shoes or running shoes
- Jock/Jill

Helmets, bats, catcher’s equipment, a hat and uniform are provided by the Association.

Your total equipment investment could range between $60 to $150 dollars depending on the age of player and quality of equipment you purchase.  It is recommended you speak with an equipment expert at your local sporting goods store to ask what is the appropriate piece of equipment for your child.

Is there an Equipment Swap?

Yes!  The TBDMSA will offer a free equipment swap at the Opening Weekend event on June 1-2.

Is there pressure to play?

We are aware that tension and passion can escalate during times in the season so we encourage parents, players and spectators to remember that we are playing for recreational purposes.  Our players do not need any additional pressure from the stands.

TBDMSA Officials regularly monitor the parks to watch over behaviour especially to our Umpires.  Any violations of the Code of Conduct could face consquences.

What are facts about TBDMSA Registration?

The Tottenham-Beeton area has long been a “softball/baseball” community.  In addition to our Association, the ties to the sport date back decades with fellow leagues such as the Tottenham Oldtimer’s Slo-Pitch League, Tottenham Ladies Lob Ball League, Beeton Mix Slo-Pitch League and several years ago there was a booming ladies fastball league.

With respect to our Association, TBDMSA Player Registration saw record numbers in 2023, as the TBDMSA grew to 398 players, almost doubling in size since 2019.


How are teams formed?

Following registration, the Executive Team gathers to assign players to teams while accommodating as many reasonable special requests as possible.

Our Association has to follow Registration Policies and Procedures to accurately assign players to teams while balancing out the talent in the fairest possible manner to ensure the competition is enjoyable.

Our Coaches are responsible for completing a Player Evaluation form at the end of each season.  This form assesses the talents of the players to record how they progressed throughout the season.  These metrics are used in the overall planning of team rosters.

What Risk Management practices are in place?

Assessing and managing risk to provide the best possible experience for our participants is a big part of our job. There are a couple of new policies for the 2023 season that will help lower the risk for our participants, notably our players. 

One, each team Head Coach and our Board of Directors must take the Respect in Sport Activity Leaders training course.  This two and half hour online course educates youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants (14-years and up) to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD).

Two, each team must have at least one Coach provide a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) from the OPP.  A VSC screens those working or volunteering with vulnerable persons. A vulnerable person is someone who is: in a position of dependence on others or at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by a person in a position of authority or trust due to their age, a disability or other circumstances (temporary or permanent).

In addition to these policies, there are several other actions take including, following strict playing field condition policies and procedures when it comes to weather conditions to ensure that people do not get injured as a result of the weather.

Lastly, the Association provides each team with equipment like a first aid kit, helmets and catching equipment.  Each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected at the start of the season by the Association Equipment Manager.

If I get seriously hurt during a TBDMSA sanctioned event like a Game or Practice, and need to deal with insurance, who do I contact?

The TBDMSA insurance program is through the Ontario Rural Softball Association (ORSA) insurance.  In the event of a serious injury where a registered participant requires insurance coverage, please contact your family insurance provider first.  If additional coverage is needed or you do not have a family insurance plan, please contact ORSA.

Who is a registered Participant that is covered by ORSA insurance?

Any registered participant with the TBDMSA is covered under ORSA insurance.  This includes players, coaches, team managers or personnel linked to an official roster. 

Do you need coaches and volunteers?

Coaches are the backbone of player development and the overall experience.  It is crucial to the success of our organization to recruit capable volunteers to help with coaching and other team management roles.  The TBDMSA works hard to support our Coaches with tools and resources such as drill manuals on our website or hosting Coaches Information meetings.

How important are volunteers?

Our Association cannot operate without volunteers.  We are always in need of capable volunteers to fulfill a number of roles including:

- Coaching

- Committees

- Board Positions

- Concession Stand help during tournaments

Your commitment can be suited around your skillset and availability.  Please reach out to us to learn more!