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Respect Group was co-founded by Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil to pursue their common passion: working to empower people to recognize and prevent abuse, bullying, and harassment and discrimination. Through interactive online certification programs such as Respect in Sport and the Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Coach Program, Kennedy and McNeil are carrying out their vision of inspiring a global culture of respect in sport and recreation.

The Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Coach Program offers an engaging and easy-to-use online training course for sport leaders of all levels. The intent of this training is to:

Empower and educate youth leaders/coaches on the prevention of abuse, bullying, harassment and discrimination.
- Build a holistic culture of respect within the sport community.
- Provide fundamental training tools which enable ALL coaches and youth leaders to become even better role models for the young athletes in their care.

If you still have questions about Respect in Sport, visit:

Respect Group Inc. (Official Site)

Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders TBDMSA Policy - NEW FOR 2023

a) All Head Coaches and Board of Directors aged 18 years and older within the TBDMSA must complete a Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders (RISAL) training program by June 1, 2023 in order to participate in the TBDMSA.
b) The TBDMSA recommends all Assistant Coaches to obtain a RISAL in the event the Head Coach cannot attend a practice or game.
c) Failure to comply may result in removal from the person’s duties within TBDMSA or not permitting the team to play.
d) Any reasonable costs associated with obtaining a RISAL can be submitted to the TBDMSA for reimbursement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register or start the process to complete this course?
A: Click the START button above to enter the portal to begin the course.

Q: What are the "reasonable costs" mentioned in the TBDMSA Policy?
A: The TBDMSA will only cover the costs for one Coach per registered team.  Be sure to talk with your fellow Coaches to ensure who will be taking the course.  Once that is agreed upon by your Coaches, download the instructions by clicking here.  The instructions will include a Registration Code that is pre-paid for each registered team.

Q: Can our team have more than one person certified for this course?
A: Yes.  The TBDMSA will only cover the cost for one Coach per registered team.  If a Coach already has taken this course (ie. through minor hockey), then their costs will not be reimbursed but their credentials will be accepted as per our Policy.

Q: I took Respect in Sport with another sport. Do I have to take it again?
A: No. However, you will have to register your certificate number for the parent or activity leader/coach program.